Concepts for Climate Protection (local and regional)

ifeu has developed climate concepts for cities and communities since the late 1980’s. The proposed recommendations are based on detailed analysis (CO2-balance, stakeholder analysis, opportunities) and scenarios which are developed through an interactive process with key local stakeholders.

More informations about our projects (in German):

Climate Protection Concept Landkreis Esslingen 2019 incl. concept for the reorientation of the Energy Agency and climate protection fact sheets for 26 municipalities in the district

Climate Protection Concept Ludwigsburg 2019

Update Climate Protection Concept Freiburg 2018/2019

Climate Protection Concept Bühl, 2016

Masterplan 100% Climate Protection Heidelberg, 2013 - Final Report (pdf 3.8 MB), Annex (pdf 2.2 MB)

Climate protection concept Sindelfingen, 2013 (pdf 5,3 MB)

Climate protection concept, district Böblingen, 2013 - Volume 1: Concept for the District (pdf 4,5 MB); Volume 2: Concept for the participating Cities and Municipalities (2,1 MB); Profiles of the 15 participating Cities and Municipalities (8,3 MB)

Integrated climate protection concept for the biosphere region Schwäbische Alb, 2012 - long Version (pdf, 1,56 MB), short version (pdf 253 kB)

Climate protection concept Böblingen, 2012 (pdf 17,7 MB)

Climate protection concept Koblenz, 2011 (2,1 MB)

Climate protection concept Ludwigshafen, 2011 - Summary (pdf 1,1 MB)

Climate protection concept Ettlingen, 2010 (2,4 MB)

Climate protection concept Esslingen, 2010 (pdf 1.50 MB)

Climate protection concept Münster, 2009 (pdf 1.84 MB)

Climate protection concept Mörfelden-Walldorf, 2008 (pdf 776 KB)

Climate protection concept Frankfurt/M., 2008 (pdf 1.35 MB)

Climate protection concept Lemgo, 2008 (pdf 2 MB)

Energy efficiency concept Aachen, 2006 – long version (pdf 1.54 MB), short version (pdf 205kB)

Energy and traffic concept Mainz, 2005 - 2015 (pdf 5.20 MB)

CO2 reduction concept Bochum, 2002 –


Project start January 1980


depending on concept requirements

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