Bioenergy for Europe: Which ones fit best? A comparative analysis for the Community

The project's aim was to assess – by means of life cycle analyses – the environmental effects of various biofuels and to compare them against their fossil equivalents as well as against each other. For further information please refer to the downloads.



  • Executive Summary (in pdf format, 67 kB)
  • Full report - For the full report, please contact us. You can choose between a pdf file by e-mail free of charge or a hard copy for 100 EUR plus postage.
  • Annex - The download (3.8 MB, zipped) contains items which are not included in the full report. It consists of the following files and contents:
    • life-cycle-charts.ppt flow charts of the life cycles under study
    • external-annex.doc external annex to the final report: Goals of the study, Functions of the product systems, Functional unit, Allocation procedures, System expansion for protein fodder by-products, Choice of reference-systems and technologies, Characterisation of resource uses and environmental impacts, Methodology for 'Land Use', Data collection guidelines, Flow for the data collection, Results 'Land Use and Biodiversity', Methodology for 'Socio-economic and political analyses'
    • lca-1-triticale.xls life cycle assessment of triticale versus hard coal for power production
    • lca-2-rme.xls life cycle assessment of RME versus diesel fuel for transportation
    • lca-3-sme.xls life cycle assessment of SME versus diesel fuel for transportation
    • lca-4-etbe.xls life cycle assessment of ETBE versus MTBE for transportation
    • lca-5-misc.xls life cycle assessment of Miscanthus versus light oil and natural gas for district heat production
    • lca-6-willow.xls life cycle assessment of willow versus light oil and natural gas for district heat production
    • lca-7-wood.xls life cycle assessment of traditional fire wood versus light oil and natural gas for residential heat production
    • lca-8-biogas.xls life cycle assessment of biogas versus natural gas for combined heat and power production
    • lca-9-straw.xls life cycle assessment of wheat straw versus light oil and natural gas for district heat production
    • all-chains.xls LCA results of all national and European chains


January 1998 – December 2000


With support of EC-Commission, DG XII


In collaboration with BLT, CLM, CRES, CTI, FAT, INRA, and TUD

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