Sustainable Biomass Potentials in the German State of Baden-Württemberg

Wissenschaftliche Studie

While the energetic use of biomass is a positive development, the recent rapid increase of biomass production may also have negative impacts on soil, water and nature protection. That is a concern for the regional branch of Friends of the Earth (BUND). In order to minimize the conflict of biomass use with other goals for a sustainable development, the study team determined the existing biomass potential in Baden-Württemberg and developed and compared scenarios for their development under a variety of sustainability objectives.



Project finished in 2005


The study was funded by Friends of the Earth (Baden-Württemberg office) and carried out in co-operation with the Institut für Umweltstudien Weisser und Ness (IUS), Potsdam.


Institut für Umweltstudien Weisser und Ness (IUS), Potsdam (Projektpartner)

Ansprechpartner: Karl Scheurlen

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