Electricity grid model

The present UMBERTO based “master network” for the modelling of grid power was de-veloped in 2001 by ifeu and has been maintained and updated on a regular basis. The network model comprises basic power plant types and raw material upstream processes, and allows for a flexible approach to different types of network composition, e.g. national power grid networks, group based or other special scenarios, including future or marginal mixes.

The parameterisation of the model is realized via relative adjustments concerning the energy mix, information input regarding raw material origin, and the customization of technical parameters (efficiencies, exhaust gas treatment, etc.).

The model is applied on a regular basis to quantify the environmental impacts of the electricity supply for Germany as well as other European or non-European countries covered by the EUROSTAT and the International Energy Agency (IEA) data service. In addition it is applied to determine the impacts of regional mixes (e.g. EU28 or UCTE). Updates are conducted annually for European countries and biennially for other countries.

More detailed information is presented in the documentation of the model available here.

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