Further development of existing climate protection tools in the building sector

The aim of this project was to further develop the renovation roadmap tool in the context of existing and new building policy tools. The project took account of the perspective of the tools used nationwide, and also those which apply to specific buildings. One aim was to identify the target level required for the building stock as a whole and – taking into account individual circumstances – also for individual buildings. Another aim was to identify which building strategy measures (insulation, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, etc.) can reliably be evaluated as ecologically and economically useful in the context of future developments, such as the final provision of an energy supply (e.g. the increasing share of renewable energy in the electricity sector), investigate how these building strategy measures can be incorporated into a renovation roadmap, and how this can be usefully integrated into the policy instruments.


October 2013 – April 2016


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)


Ecofys Germany GmbH

Institute for Housing and Environment (IWU)

University of Bielefeld


report 1 (in German)

report 2 (in German)

report 3 (in German)

paper law of tenancy (in German)

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