Update of the models TREMOD/TREMOD-MM for emission reporting 2020 (reporting period 1990-2018)

What is TREMOD?

The emission calculation model "TREMOD" (Transport Emission Model) maps motorised traffic in Germany with regard to its traffic and mileage, energy consumption and the associated climate gas and air pollutant emissions for the period 1960 to 2018 and in a trend scenario up to 2050. It was developed by the ifeu-Institut on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency and has been continuously updated for several years. TREMOD is available in the current version 6.0 since January 2020.

TREMOD covers all types of passenger transport (cars, motorised two-wheelers, buses, trains, aircraft) and freight transport (trucks, trains, ships) operated in Germany. The calculation of the quantities of pollutants released by road traffic is based on the emission factors from the Emission Factor Manual (HBEFA). The emissions recorded include nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons (differentiated according to methane and non-methane hydrocarbons) as well as benzene, carbon monoxide, particulates, ammonia, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. Direct emissions, including evaporation emissions, and those emissions that occur in the energy supply are balanced.

What is TREMOD-MM?

As part of the project "Development of a model for calculating air pollutant emissions and fuel consumption of combustion engines in mobile equipment and machinery", ifeu created the "TREMOD-MM" (TREMOD Mobile Machinery) model in 2004 and has updated it regularly since then. This model allows a detailed calculation of emissions from mobile equipment and machinery in agriculture, construction, forestry and green maintenance as well as sports and passenger shipping.

What are TREMOD and TREMOD-MM used for?

In Germany, TREMOD and TREMOD-MM are the most important data sources for all questions concerning energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions from transport and mobile machinery. The most important current fields of application of TREMOD and TREMOD-MM are

  • Fulfilment of the national and international reporting obligations of the Federal Government in the field of "Energy and Emissions of Transport
  • Preparation of political decisions (e.g. exhaust gas legislation, support measures) and review of the effectiveness of measures in scenario analyses
  • Review of reduction targets, e.g. based on commitments at international level (NEC Directive, Kyoto Protocol).
  • Data basis for environmental indicators of transport, e.g. for life cycle assessments or environmental comparisons. Specifically, the TREMOD data are used in Probas, Renewbility, GEMIS, Umberto, UmweltMobilCheck, UBA-CO2-Rechner, Klimaschutzplaner, ECOSPEED Region, Greenited CO2CKPIT, BICO2 BW, EcoPassenger and EcoTransIT, among others.

What was the purpose of the project?

The current project served to update and supplement TREMOD and TREMOD-MM. For road traffic, for example, the completely updated HBEFA 4.1 database for the emission behaviour of motor vehicles was integrated. For all modes of transport, the inventory and driving and traffic performance data were updated in TREMOD until 2018. Subsequently, the trend scenario rio was updated until the year 2050. In TREMOD-MM the inventory data of individual sectors were updated as far as possible, the emission factors were updated on the basis of the current emission limits and more recent measurement results, and the total energy consumption of agriculture and the construction industry was checked for plausibility.


June 2019 – December 2019



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