What’s going on abroad? Monitoring international resource policies

in: Sustainable Development and Resource Productivity

Authors: Elisabeth Dürr, Detlef Schreiber, Christopher Manstein, Andreas Auberger, Monika Dittrich

Material extraction nearly tripled during the past decades, which is oftentimes linked to severe environmental impacts. Thus, more and more governments formulate policies and measures in order to foster sustainable resource management and use. In this respect, promoting resource efficiency is one important approach. While resource efficiency approaches are already monitored regularly in European countries, e.g. published in the series ‘More From Less’, particularly in emerging or developing countries respective approaches are lesser-known. The research project Monitoring International Resource efficiency Policies (MoniRess) fills this knowledge gap. In MoniRess, a monitoring approach was developed and implemented with respect to nine selected countries. This article provides an overview on the methodology used in the project and the main results of the monitoring. An important result is that in all countries under study resource management and resource efficiency is an issue in society, enterprises and governments. However, as the countries have different ecological conditions and economic structures, the challenges they face are distinct and thus the specific policy focuses in the countries vary, accordingly. The results already show how complex the topic of resource efficiency and sustainable resource use policies is. Also, it is demonstrated how the policy approaches towards the sustainable use of natural resources differs among the countries.





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