Local environmental impacts: Life cycle environmental impact assessment (LC-EIA)

The life cycle environmental impact assessment (LC-EIA) is an environmental assessment method developed by ifeu in conjunction with IUS Weibel & Ness GmbH. The developers’ main intention was to supplement and enhance the results from standard life cycle assessments (LCA) with the local and site-specific effects of a production system which are usually not covered by standard LCA methodology.

This method borrows elements from life cycle assessment (LCA) and from environmental impact assessment (EIA), which is a standardised tool for analysing proposed projects in terms of their potential to affect the local environment. LC-EIA follows the same approach as the life cycle assessment to evaluate the use of raw materials in production and the conversion stage of the biogenic pathway by comparison with the conventional reference system. Similar to EIA, LC-EIA is performed as a qualitative benefit and risk assessment.

ifeu has successfully applied the LC-EIA methodology in multiple EU projects including BIOCORE, SWEETFUEL, and SUPRABIO.



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