The R&D project “Data and computing model: pollutant emissions from motorised traffic in Germany between 1960 and 2035” is an ifeu project on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency which has been ongoing since January 1993. The aim of the project is to give an account of motorised traffic in Germany – including mileage, energy consumption and emissions – and to create a corresponding computer program. This computer program is called “TREMOD – Transport Emission Model”. Version 5.6 was released in January 2016 (report and attachment).


TREMOD analyses all means of passenger transportation (passenger cars, bicycles, buses, trains, aircraft), and all means of freight transportation (lorries, light commercial vehicles and trailers, trains, inland waterway vessels, aircraft) for every year in a time series from 1960 onwards, and in predicted scenarios until 2050. Energy consumption and greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions are calculated for relevant components on the basis of differentiated fleet and activity data (transport performance and mileage). In each case the results are shown as direct emissions, i.e. emitted directly from the vehicle, or as indirect emissions, i.e. emitted from the upstream energy generation and distribution chain.

TREMOD is the most important database in Germany for all issues surrounding transport-related energy consumption and greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions. The current key areas of application of TREMOD are:

  • Compliance with the federal government’s national and international reporting obligations in relation to energy and emissions from transport.
  • Preparation of policy decisions (e.g. exhaust emission legislation, funding measures); reviewing the effectiveness of measures in scenario observations.
  • Review of reduction targets, e.g. as a result of commitments at international level (NEC Directive, the Kyoto Protocol).
  • Database for environmental indicators relating to traffic, e.g. for life cycle analyses or environmental comparisons. More specifically, the data from TREMOD is used in Probas, Renewbility, GEMIS, Umberto, UmweltMobilCheck, EcoPassenger and EcoTransIT.


Carbon Dioxide emissions of Transport (in kt) in Germany 1960 bis 2014 and Trend Scenario until 2035

Nitrogen Oxide emissions of Transport (in kt) in Germany 1960 bis 2014 and Trend Scenario until 2035


Further documentations relates to TREMOD can be found here (all in German):


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