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Environmental and climate protection in practice: ifeu supports projects with donations

Since 1978, ifeu has been committed to raising awareness of environmental and sustainability issues worldwide, bringing about positive change and thus contributing to the transformation of our society. This is why we have been supporting various projects on a rotating basis for several years as part of the Climate Protection+ Foundation, now totalling EUR 5,000.

This year, ifeu has once again proposed the ecofarming and rainwater irrigation project FÖLT in Rwanda as the recipient of a donation of over EUR 4,000. As the project is close to our hearts, we have been supporting the work of FÖLT on a regular basis since 2011. FÖLT lives for the goal of promoting ecological expertise within agriculture. Together with partners, the project staff work intensively towards the sustainable design and perpetuation of ecologically stable cultivation and production systems.

In addition, 1,000 euros will once again go to the Heidelberg Forest ("Heidelberger Wäldchen") - a project run by BUND Heidelberg and the Brazilian organisation APREMAVI, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2023. Together, the partners are pursuing the goal of reforesting Brazilian coastal rainforests with 180 different native tree species. Even a small donation of just two euros per tree seedling helps; you can decide for yourself how many trees you would like to donate. With a donation of €2000, an area of one hectare can be planted. By the end of 2022, the Heidelberg Woods had already grown to around 170 hectares - the equivalent of 238 football pitches.

Background information:

Since 2009, the Climate Protection+ Foundation has been dedicated to supporting local projects and thus contributing to climate protection, justice and peace globally. Anyone can contribute even small sums and, as a donor, decide for themselves which project the donation will be used for. Here you can find more information about the Climate Protection+ Foundation and its goals as well as donation options.

Ecofarming and rainwater irrigation project FÖLT in Rwanda:

Heidelberg Forst in Brasil: