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New methodology paper: LCAst - Prospective life cycle assessments

Prospective life cycle assessments based on the ecoinvent database

In principle, there is an established tool for the environmental assessment of processes, services and products: the life cycle assessment (LCA). This method is not only used to analyse existing production processes, but also to estimate and evaluate their planned changes. However, in order to apply it to large-scale transformation processes, the LCA method needs to be developed further.

In sustainability research, the term 'prospective life cycle assessment' has become established for future-oriented life cycle assessment studies - both for product life cycle assessments in a future economic system and for analyses of the transformation scenarios themselves.

The research activities at ifeu in this field and the resulting computer-aided analysis methods - in particular involving the ecoinvent life cycle assessment database - run under the name "LCAst" - a portmanteau word that combines the terms "LCA" (life cycle assessment) and "cast" (prediction). This methodology paper describes the development to date at ifeu and provides an outlook on potential and possible applications.

To the methodology paper (in German)