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Open letter to the Federal Government: Continue practice-oriented research into electromobility!

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A broad alliance from research and industry, including ifeu, is calling on the German government to provide federal funding for application-oriented research into electromobility in the 2024 budget and beyond. In an open letter, the signatories address the federal government, which plans to massively reduce funding for "measures for the further development of electromobility" in the Climate and Transformation Fund from the 2024 budget year and then phase it out.

Such a decision would be fatal for climate and industrial policy reasons, criticise the more than 25 universities, research institutes, companies and business networks, including ifeu. The alliance is appealing to the German government to correct its budget plans. This is the only way to avert long-term damage to the transformation of the transport sector, the achievement of climate targets and the associated value creation of a key industry in Germany.

On the "Statement on the termination of electromobility research in Germany" (in German)

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