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Project description

For many people, their only experience of electric cars has come from discussions in the media. Nowadays, however, there are increasing numbers of electric vehicles on the market. The wide range of vehicle concepts and models on offer poses a few challenges for potential customers when it comes to making a purchase decision:

  • Is there an electric car that suits my requirements?
  • Is it financially viable for me to purchase an electric car?
  • Is an electric car really environmentally friendly?

Uncertainty abounds, mainly due to the limited range of an electric vehicle – the fear of being left stranded with an empty battery still looms large. And the standardised consumption figures and ranges quoted by the manufacturers come in for regular criticism, as real-life experience can be radically different. After all, these figures rarely take into account air conditioning systems, etc.

The My eDrive project is aimed at providing potential buyers of electric vehicles with a decision-making tool to help answer the questions listed above. An integrated service provided via a website and a smartphone app is intended to help a wide group of potential users of electric vehicles to select an appropriate vehicle to suit their personal usage profile on the basis of realistic vehicle characteristics. Both operating costs and the environmental balance are taken into account. The usage profiles can be entered in detail and personalised by recording individual routes using a smartphone. The technical characteristics of the various electric vehicles are modelled as realistically as possible in order to make pragmatic statements about suitable electric vehicles.

The My eDrive software has undergone comprehensive beta testing to ensure its effectiveness. In February 2018, it was finally released to the public. The smartphone app for android devices is available for installation on the Google PlayStore. Additional information is available at .


January 2014 – December 2017


Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

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