An evidence-based approach to accelerate flight reduction in academia

Authors: Susann Görlinger, Caroline Merrem, Maximilian Jungmann, Nicole Aeschbach

On the path towards net zero emissions in academia, reducing flight emissions is of high importance, yet particularly difficult to achieve. Flight emissions have a major share of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of research institutions but reducing them is challenging, because flying has become an essential part of academic culture. While there is a large amount of literature on the relevance of flight reduction in academia, very little data and hands-on experience exists on what a successful reduction process might entail. This paper contributes to closing this gap by presenting data from interviews and surveys from eight academic institutions on reasons for air travel and alternatives, showing how a transdisciplinary approach can support a transformation from a high to a low flying culture, and suggesting a practical path forward with the aid of an open-access toolbox on how to reduce flight emissions in academia.



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