Biomethane in Europe

Authors: Nabil Abdalla, Silvana Bürck, Horst Fehrenbach, Susanne Köppen, Tim Janosch Staigl

Prepared on behalf of the European Climate Foundation. The European Commission wants to end Europe's dependence on Russian fossil fuels through the latest resolutions (REPowerEU). This is to be achieved, among other things, through increased production of biomethane. The previous, already very ambitious target of 17 billion cubic metres in 2030 (Fit for 55) is to be practically doubled to 35 billion cubic metres of biomethane per year. Without question, the sustainably available renewable raw material potentials must be used to replace fossil energy sources. This applies in particular to waste and residual materials such as liquid manure or biowaste. However, this study by ifeu, financed by the European Climate Foundation (ECF), questions whether these are sufficient to achieve the set target by 2030. Rather, if this target is adhered to, there is a risk that large shares will have to be contributed via cultivated biomass (especially maize), this would translate to about 5% of the arable land in the European Union. This would be associated with considerable negative consequences due to the land requirements and with marginal greenhouse gas savings.





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Research Paper

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