Ressourcennutzung in Deutschland (in German)

Weiterentwicklung des deutschen Ressourcenberichts 2022 - Datengrundlagen

Authors: Stephan Lutter, Julia Kreimel, Stefan Giljum, Monika Dittrich, Sonja Limberger, Birte Ewers, Karl Schoer

Since 2016, the Federal Environment Agency has published a report entitled "The utilisation of natural resources. Resource report for Germany". This resource report examines and analyses the diverse relationships between resource extraction, resource consumption and economic development. Following the first two resource reports from 2016 and 2018 (UBA 2016, 2018), the third edition was published in 2022 (UBA 2022). This report focuses on the research work to further develop the data basis (analysis, model calculations of indirect raw material flows, modelling of raw material consumption parameters, RMC).





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Research Paper

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