Claudia Kämper

Resources and mobility

Research Topics

  • Natural resources
  • Resource conservation
  • Environmental and resource assessment of means of transport
  • Electric mobility
  • Spatial analysis

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2012 Research associate at ifeu Heidelberg
  • 2006–2012 Master studies in geography and political science at the University of Heidelberg and University of Granada (Spain)
  • 2005–2006 Internship in the field of sustainable urban planning. The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) in Vancouver (Canada)

Selected Project

  • FlyingLess - Sustainable business travel management at universities and research institutions
  • Climate impacts of electric cars – Influencing factors and potential for improvement
  • Renewbility – Options for the decarbonisation of the transport sector
  • ÖkoRess III – Pilot screening of environmental hazard potentials of mining sites
  • ÖkoRess II – Continued development of options for action for an ecological raw material policy
  • ÖkoRess I – Ecological limits, ecological raw material availability and ecological criticality of primary raw materials
  • Analysis and classification of the use of the German passenger car fleet to explore shift and substitution potentials towards environmentally sound modes of transport
  • Pedelection – Shift and climate effects through pedelec use in individual transport
  • Fostering Resource Efficiency in India – A Key for Sustainable Growth
  • Continued development and in-depth analysis of the environmental profile of electric vehicles


Selected Publications

  • Helms, C. Kämper und U. Lambrecht (2015): Carbon dioxide and consumption reduction through electric vehicles. B. Scrosati, J. Garche und W. Tillmetz (ed.): Advances in Battery Technologies for Electric Vehicles. Cambridge 2015.
  • Kämper, C. et al. (2016). Modal Shifting Effects and Climate Impacts through Electric Bicycle Use in Germany. In: Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering, (4), 331–345. Online: 6_4_20.pdf
  • A. Manhart, R. Vogt, M. Priester, G. Dehoust, A. Auberger, M. Blepp, P. Dolega, C. Kämper, J. Giegrich, G. Schmidt, J. Kosmol (2018): The environmental criticality of primary raw materials – A new methodology to assess global environmental hazard potentials of minerals and metals from mining. In: Mineral Economics (2018). Online:

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