Erlangen - Roadmap Climate Awakening

The city of Erlangen has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality before 2030. But what is required for this? What influence does the city of Erlangen have on achieving the goal? Which measures have to be implemented, which processes have to be initiated? To answer these questions, the creation of a "Roadmap Climate Awakening" for Erlangen was commissioned.

The work on the Roadmap includes the preparation of an energy and carbon balance, the development of CO2 scenarios and the elaboration of a catalogue of measures for climate protection. In addition to the ambitious target year of climate neutrality, the comprehensive participation process with all climate-relevant actors (representatives from citizenship, business, administration and civil society) makes the “Roadmap Climate Awakening” a pilot project.

With the Roadmap, 41 measures are now available with which Erlangen can take a big step towards climate neutrality within its sphere of influence. The measures follow a holistic approach and address the Erlangen city administration, stakeholders and the entire city society. Everyone is called upon to participate and implement the Roadmap Climate Awakening.