NKI: Instruments for municipal climate protection work (IkKa) - - Evaluating and planning municipal measures in climate protection

The aim of the project "IkKa: Instruments in municipal climate protection work" is to support climate protection managers in their daily work. In the future, they should be able to evaluate climate protection measures in a uniform and transparent manner. For this purpose, a web tool is being developed that estimates the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and thus determines the effectiveness of measures. In addition, the project will develop a consulting service that focuses on the sub-aspect of "climate-neutral administration". In order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the municipalities and cities, up to 30 model municipalities will be involved in the various work phases of the project. 

The foundation of the project will be laid in the first year with the clarification of current methodological issues. For this purpose, a discussion and definition of ambitious climate protection targets as well as their operationalization will be initiated. The methodological questions also include a uniform evaluation system for municipal climate protection measures, including an examination of their compatibility with municipal GHG balances according to the BISKO standard. For the evaluation it is therefore necessary to provide recommendations for the assessment of the proportional effects of local measures beyond the municipal balance area. These basics will be discussed and developed together with the municipalities and experts.

In the second year of the project, the web tool with up to 100 measure evaluations will be developed together with the model municipalities. Feedback loops will ensure that the tool is user-friendly and that climate protection managers will be able to transparently present the GHG savings of activities in the future. Using different variables, the measures can be adapted to the actual implementation on site. More climate-friendly alternatives can also be developed in this way.

In parallel, starting in the second year, eight model municipalities will be supported in the implementation of "climate-neutral municipal" administration in another work package. With the help of three learning workshops, the experience from the municipalities will be bundled and a consulting kit for consultants within the municipalities (e.g. climate protection managers) but also for consultants outside the municipalities (multipliers) will be designed.


January 2022 – December 2024


German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) as part of the National Climate Initiative (NKI)


Leipziger Institut für Energie GmbH

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