Renovation sprint

Haus in Sanierung mit Baugerüst

With the innovative "renovation sprint" approach, energy-efficient renovations of detached and semi-detached houses can be realised quickly, productively and to a high standard. The concept overcomes numerous existing obstacles to renovation and has already been successfully trialled in two pilot projects. The approach optimises planning and construction processes and realises learning and economies of scale through standardisation and routine. In one pilot project, for example, the complete renovation of a semi-detached house in Hamburg was completed within 22 construction days.

In this project, ifeu investigated existing obstacles to energy-efficient renovations and analysed which of these aspects can be solved by the new ‘renovation sprint’ approach and which obstacles to its implementation still exist. Based on this, recommendations for action were developed that can be used to organise the market ramp-up and thus make a corresponding contribution to climate protection in the detached and semi-detached house segment. This requires a combination of private sector innovation and political support. Key policy measures include a central market development centre, new qualifications for so-called refurbishment coaches, short-term booster funding, a pragmatic adjustment of the funding landscape and streamlined planning and approval processes.

At the same time, a practical report (engineering firm Ronald Meyer, DENEFF, Agora Energiewende) and an analysis of potential (University of Stuttgart) were prepared as part of a pilot construction site in Hamburg.


March 2023 – May 2024


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